Tone London Epoxy Pigment Set 6×25 ml

  • Metallic Kuasar
  • Pearl Eden
  • Pearl Mersin
  • Opaque Sahara
  • Opaque Harem
  • Pearl Spinel


Resinin Tone pigments series are specially produced to color epoxy systems. It is fully compatible with solvent-free epoxy resin systems. Thanks to its concentrated structure, it will be sufficient to use a small amount.

Product features

  • Coloring Type: Opaque, Pearl and Metallic
  • Consistency: Paste pigment
  • Usage rate: 1% – 2.5%
  • Net weight: 25 ml
  • The amount of epoxy that can be colored: 1 kg – 2.5 kg

For optimum coloring, you can add pigment to the mixture in the specified ratio by weight of the total amount of epoxy resin and hardener.
When used less than the specified usage rate, insufficient coloring may be seen. If it is used more than the specified ratio, the final hardness of the epoxies may be negativity such as not fully hardening and remaining flexible.
Store the products indoors at a temperature of 10-30 degrees, with their mouths closed and without exposing them to direct sunlight.
You can mix the colors together to get new colors.

Method of Application

First, mix the epoxy resin and hardener until they get a transparent appearance. Add the pigment into the prepared mixture and mix the system again. Stir until you are sure that the pigment is completely dispersed in the mixture.


  • Metallic Kuasar
  • Pearl Eden
  • Pearl Mersin
  • Opaque Sahara
  • Opaque Maple
  • Pearl Spinel

Matters to be considered

  • Tone series epoxy pigments cannot be used as a standalone paint. It must be used in conjunction with an epoxy system.
  • Avoid contact with your skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • The color chart presented on the screen has been prepared to be the closest to the images of the colors in the digital environment. Tone differences can be observed between the screen image and the actual color tones.
  • All of the information is given as a suggestion to get the best result from the application. It is the user’s sole responsibility to use the product for its intended purpose.

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