Mold-it Lux Angel Silicone Mold


Mold Dimensions
* In-mold depth: 8 mm
* In-mold model dimensions: 10.5 x 11 cm

Product features
* Silicone Type Series: LUX
* Model number: K-1038
* Specially produced for epoxy resin castings.
* Epoxy resin castings have a re-cast life of up to 30 (thirty) pieces.
* It is suitable for the use of polyurethane, polyester, plaster, cement, soap, candle, scented stone.

* Provides long-lasting use with its extra-improved silicone quality.
* Suitable for professional use.
* Re-casting can be done in high quantities.
* It has a transparent appearance
* Odorless
* Does not lubricate the surface.
* Extra glossy


* Do not use an alcohol-containing substance while cleaning the mold.

* You can clean the mold with a wet cloth or duct tape.

* Do not expose to high temperature.

* In epoxy castings, do not keep the casting in the mold for too long.

* Make sure that your mold is dry and clean during application.

* Take care to make your epoxy mold castings at room temperature (+23 °C).

* Keep the unused mold indoors and at room temperature.

* The mold can take the shape of the surface it is on, use it on a flat surface and keep it on a flat surface when not in use.

* Mold surfaces with reduced or completed casting life become dull, in these cases the casting resin clings to the mold and may tear the mold during disassembly.

* If these issues are not taken into account, the number of remodeling will decrease.

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